About Us.

Entrepreneurs Unlocked helps individuals develop their skills to become their own boss and lead crime-free lives.

For many people whose career prospects may be limited due to their criminal record entrepreneurship and self-employment could be the best pathways to a better life.

Empowering people to change their future

We run several programmes in custody and in the community that enable people to understand their talents and develop their skills. Individuals explore their ideas to see if self-employment is for them before working through the next steps. Everything is covered from how to develop their business idea and building a business plan to marketing and paying tax.

People who don’t have a specific business idea can become self-employed sub-contractors in the booming construction sector. They are helped through our Smart Subcontractor programme and sometimes we can help them with tools to get started.

Supporting our communities

Continuous support is given in the community to prison leavers who have been part of our programmes and we work closely with their probation teams. We also help develop entrepreneurial talent with other hard to reach groups such as young people and military veterans.

Cost-effective and meaningful prison activity

Prisons can broaden their learning and skills provision in a cost-effective and reportable way by working with us.

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Entrepreneurs Unlocked work closely with the prison to deliver their curriculum plans and enhance their rehabilitation offering providing a variety of delivery methods including in-cell, distance learning and face to face workshops. All activity is fully reportable so you can monitor performance and trends to proactively develop the prison curriculum. You can also prepare for Ofsted inspections by providing evidence of successful outcomes with these programmes.

All of this comes with transparent pricing, working to the prison budget and some provision being grant funded.

Contributing to society

Many people with criminal histories want to become positive contributors to society and entrepreneurship skills and mindsets can help them.

With almost 2 in 3 adults with custodial sentences of less than one year re-offending within 12 months of release the total cost to the public purse is in excess of £18billion a year. Our aim is to help reduce this cost and help people become tax paying members of society and future employers too!

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David Morgan CF FRSA MIOEE

Founder of Entrepreneurs Unlocked

Most of you, like myself, will be fortunate enough to have never been in trouble with the police and to have come from a loving and supportive home. You’ll have stayed at school, completed your education and gone on to great things because you had a steady start in life.

Not everyone has had the same experience and they will have become trapped in a cycle of offending. A criminal record will often be a barrier to a job so self-employment and entrepreneurship could be the solution.

This is why I set up Entrepreneurs Unlocked.

A career that started in corporate environments led to coaching and supporting people in further and higher education. It was whilst working for the largest provider of prison education in England I became the lead for enterprise and self-employment. I substantially increased the number of prisons that delivered workshops and courses that enabled learners to develop their entrepreneurial skills. It was evident that many prison residents had the skills to be their own boss.

Then, in 2018 I travelled to the USA, as part of my Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship, to research best practice entrepreneurship programmes both in custody and in the community. These programmes all had re-offending rates of less than 10%, compared to the US average in excess of 60%. The learning and knowledge that I gained help to inform my own personal practice and the stories of hope and inspiration of the people I met gave me the catalyst to set up my own business at the end of 2019.

10 years of working with people both in custody and the community has proven to me that there’s a huge pot of untapped entrepreneurial talent in the justice system. I truly believe that those skills and mindset can change people’s lives, reduce reoffending and improve communities.

The Right Partner.


Its founder has over 12 years’ experience in developing and delivering business start up programmes, enterprise skills and leadership and management programmes. This is underpinned by 20 years private sector experience in manufacturing and business management.


By engaging with and listening to the needs of people in custody and in the community, the organisation has learnt from their experiences, and help it to inform and enhance its programmes on offer.


Developing rapport and a trusted relationship are vital elements to enable an individual to progress. The support does not stop at the prison gate of the end of a programme.


As an Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) Academy, you can be assured that our programmes and support on offer is of the highest quality.


For all enquiries and bookings please use the form below or feel free to call us on 01204 263002.