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Success Stories to Inspire.

This page has been created to share with you some of the success stories from people that previously were in custody and have utilised their entrepreneurial talent to set up their own businesses after being released.

The people showcased were interviewed by us and are part of our valued network rather than businesses we have directly set up.

If you are person who has left prison or on probation, I hope their stories will provide you with the confidence to know that by taking control of your life and changing your mindset it is possible to start up and develop a sustainable business. One that will be able to provide you with not only an income but a sense of pride and purpose.

As you read the stories, look out for highlighted entrepreneurial traits and ask yourself “what do I recognise in myself?”

Think about how you could change your life and stay out of prison.

My vision is to Change Futures Through Entrepreneurship. I hope that you find these stories an inspiring read and an opportunity to think differently.

David Morgan, Entrepreneurs Unlocked

Please take a look at some of or case studies for inspiration, and please get in touch with us for all questions or enquiries through our contact page.


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