Community Project Launches to Help People on Probation into Self Employment

Entrepreneurs Unlocked, in partnership with the Salford Foundation, has launched the Business Incubator Project, working with people on probation, to provide a pathway to self-employment.

The Business Incubator Project is located at The Shed, a men’s welfare and wellbeing activity centre managed by the Salford Foundation and is the brainchild of Entrepreneurs Unlocked founder David Morgan.

The Business Incubator Project has been made possible with funding from the Churchill Fellowship, and with the support of the Salford Foundation, a charity that provides opportunities for young people and adults to create better futures.

The Project is set to run over 10 months and will be supporting 25 entrepreneurs in training, who are on probation. The Project will incorporate practical workshops with mentoring, business support and advice to include business planning, finance management, introduction to legal issues, marketing strategies, and the entrepreneurs in training will test trade their businesses, under the guidance of their mentors.

Entrepreneurs Unlocked recognises that people with criminal histories can develop their talents and gifts, enabling them to flourish and become a positive contributor to society. With the total cost of reoffending, in excess £18 billion per annum, reducing this impact for society is of value and benefit to all.

Entrepreneurs Unlocked Founder, David Morgan said: “The Business Incubator Project is a safe space where people on probation can come to utilise their skills and interests to think about setting up as self-employed.

“We want to do things differently and a pathway to self-employment is doing just that. Our aim is that at least 50% of the entrepreneurs in training will have set up as self-employed by the end of the Project, and that they will have increased self-esteem, motivation and resilience, and they will be a better contributor to society overall.”

Anthony Wright a participant on the Project said: “I am very keen to get involved, using what I know I’m good at, to set up a business, and to be able to buy luxuries for my family rather than to see them struggling.”

If the test trading proves successful, the intention is to support the entrepreneur in training to register with HMRC and continue their self-employment journey and earn a legitimate income.

Sandrine Beaunol, Targeted Adult Support Services Manager at Salford Foundation, said: “This is a great opportunity for people on probation who may have a skill or a talent in a trade such as joinery, mechanics, or who have an interest around art, upcycling furniture or photography. Anything at a practical level where they are looking at using that skill or interest to build their employability, earn an income rather than relying on state benefits, or going back to crime to earn a living.

“We are delighted to be working with Entrepreneurs Unlocked and we are looking forward to making a difference to the lives of the entrepreneurs in training.”

Entrepreneurs Unlocked vision is to change futures through entrepreneurship and to develop an integrated network of support, ensuring that self-employment is first choice and not a last resort.

To find out more about the Salford Foundation visit:

Use the contact form on the website if you would like to learn more, especially if you have potential entrepreneurs in training that could access the project.