Entrepreneur in Training (EIT) Programme.

This programme is for people who have previously attended the self-employment exploration workshop who wish to take a closer look at their idea to run their own business as a means of earning a legitimate income post-release. The programme covers the essential topics:

⦁ Developing your product/service
⦁ Sales planning and pricing
⦁ Trading legally / HMRC requirements
⦁ Insurances and Banking

⦁ Market research
⦁ Marketing and social media
⦁ Start-up finance and running costs
⦁ How to access further support

The programme will also provide an opportunity for the individual to develop their interpersonal skills such as communication, problem solving, listening, team working, speaking and presenting. This will be utilised so that they can develop a 5–10-minute presentation to pitch their ideas to their peers for feedback and the opportunity to refine their idea. At the end of the programme, the entrepreneurs in training will have developed an outline business plan that can be used to develop future resettlement plans.

Furthermore, the entrepreneurs in training that complete the programme of study and provide evidence of their learning will be able to gain a Certificates of Achievement from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE), who endorse the programme.

Upon release they can continue to access support from Entrepreneurs Unlocked and its community partners, with the aim of setting up and trading. The includes:

⦁ Access to business advisors who can provide further support in relation to starting up.

⦁ Support to open a business bank account, register with the HMRC as self-employed.

⦁ Complimentary one year’s access to HMRC approved accounting software.

⦁ Regular check-ins to monitor progress.

Entrepreneur in Training (EIT) Programme

Optional extra:

A tax masterclass run by the Tax Academy CIC, who have provided its services to over 2000 people in prison over the last 6 years, to enable them to understand the HMRC requirements in relation to registration and how to trade legally.