How we can help

From working out whether entrepreneurship is right for the individual through to full business start up we have something to suit each personal ambition.


A course that explores the individual’s entrepreneurial talent. The skills and mindset to be successful are considered, along with potential employment and self-employment options.

Smart Subcontracting

For people wanting to work in the construction sector as a self-employed sub-contractor. Topics include: how to get on site, how to meet HMRC requirements and keeping on top of your finances.


This course provides the participants with the knowledge of the key stages to set up and run their business. This includes resource planning, finance, getting and keeping your customers, trading legally, HMRC registration and how to access further support.

Get Trading

Building on the knowledge and insights previously gained, programme participants can continue to receive personalised support in:

  • Developing a detailed plan to turn their idea into reality
  • Registering for self-assessment with the HMRC and gaining a UTR number.
  • Gaining a business bank account

I can’t believe its 3 years since I started Entrepreneurs Unlocked at the end of October 2019, the time has flown and there have been many challenges faced and overcome in that time. The covid-19 pandemic took a grip just a few months after starting up at the beginning of 2020, and that totally disrupted any opportunity for the people I hoped to work with, with the prisons (and the rest of the country) being in lockdown. The people in prison had no access to education, rehabilitation, or resettlement services for over 12 months, being locked in isolation for up to 23 hours per day.

As a business, this was very challenging, and the model of providing our support has evolved over the last 3 years. Moving from face-to-face delivery to in-cell learning packs, remote support for people in the community and now a mixture of all three as access is improving. You can read more of this inside.

You will see later on how the number of people we have engaged with has grown, from 123 in year 1 to almost 200 in each of years 2 and 3, which is the maximum number we can assist, based on the current model.

As the 4th year of trading commences, I look forward to further developing the range of support on offer, expanding capacity so more people can engage and launching some exciting and innovative initiatives at the start of 2023.

If you wish to learn more and start a conversation on how together we can help people to lead crime free lives, then please get in touch.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to the organisations below, for providing funding and invaluable support to myself and the organisation over the last three years, so that it can continue to provide its help and develop in the future.

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Benefits for the participant

Pre-qualification to ensure they get the right level of training to support their idea at the right time

Focus on their skills and knowledge, and how to use those skills to lead a crime-free future

Access and connecting to specialists in areas such as tax, accounting, finance and marketing

Relevant courses and delivery methods to suit their future plans

Lots of support materials including distance learning packs and the latest insights on starting a business

Maintains contact post release to support in the set up and trading of their business

Statistics for year 3

195 People accessed our help

141 people in Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire prisons, as a result of winning a self-employment tender, accessed our exploration, insights and smart subcontracting programmes.

20 people on probation across the North West, working with CF03 provider Achieve NW Connect to provide its insights and get trading programmes.

10 people applied for support via the Build Back Up to gain essential tools, equipment, and workwear to take up the offer of work on construction sites.

As mentioned, covid proved challenging for people in prison, with virtually no access to any education or resettlement services. Entrepreneurs Unlocked was able to modify its offer of help, turning to distance learning in-cell packs to maintain contact and support.

Many thanks to the organisations below for providing funding to support this initiative.


Clients identified opportunities for self-employment, with a wide range of categories



For all enquiries and bookings please use the form below or feel free to call us on 01204 263002.