Entrepreneurs Programmes.

These programmes are designed to provide a pathway to self-employment for one of the most disadvantaged groups in society. Each programme has been created to ensure the learner can complete it and receive a tangible outcome. There is also ongoing support from tutors and peers upon release from prison.

Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs

As an Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Academy, programme participants have the option of becoming a studying member of the Institute. This enables access to its online learning campus and extensive range of complimentary resources.

To buy any of these programmes for your learners, see what methods we can use such as in-cell packs and to understand what grant-funded options are available, please get in touch.

Self Employment Exploration Workshop

Self Employment Exploration Workshop

This half day workshop is for participants to explore this pathway as a means of earning a legitimate income post-release.

It enables them to recognise their talents and provides insights into the type of self-employment they could consider.

Entrepreneur in Training (EIT) Programme.

Entrepreneur in Training (EIT) Programme.

This programme is for people who have previously attend the self-employment exploration workshop who wish to take a closer look at their idea to run their own business as a means of earning a legitimate income post-release.

Get trading as self-employed, building on the knowledge

Get Trading

Taking that next step and starting up can be daunting. Building on the knowledge and insights previously gained, programme participants can continue to receive personalised support in the:

  • Developing a detailed plan to turn their idea into reality
  • Registering for self-assessment with the HMRC and gaining a UTR number.
  • Gaining a business bank account
  • Being signposted to other organisations relevant to their particular needs.
Smart subcontracting

Smart Subcontracting

Participants are provided with a resource pack that enables them to consider the steps needed to work as a self-employed subcontractor in the construction industry.

It will provide them with insights and renewed confidence that becoming a legal subcontractor is the smart way forward.

Bespoke entrepreneurial programme

Bespoke Services

Suppose you are considering offering an entrepreneurial programme to develop the skills of the people you support. In that case, we can help to develop that programme for you.

We have designed and implemented specialist programmes to support young people in developing their entrepreneurial skills and military veterans to consider how self-employment could be an option for them.

Promoting entrepreneurship

Promoting Entrepreneurship

If you are looking for a speaker for your event or want expert insights into how people can change their future through entrepreneurship, we are here to help.


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