Self Employment Exploration Workshop

This half day workshop is for participants to explore this pathway as a means of earning a legitimate income post-release. It enables them to recognise their talents and provides insights into the type of self-employment they could consider.

The workshop covers topics such as:

· The self-employment landscape.
· Entrepreneurial skills.
· Types of self-employment and why it could be for the participant.
· Advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed.
· 10 key points to consider.
· The importance of trading legally and what that entails.

At the end of the workshop, the participant completes a simple questionnaire which is provided to the prison to enable them to gain knowledge of the participants plans, the barriers they need to overcome and the support they need. This can form part of future progression and resettlement plans.

This can be utilised to prioritise any participant who would benefit from progressing onto the Entrepreneur in Training Programme on offer from Entrepreneurs Unlocked.

Get Trading

Participants are also provided with “The Little Book of Success” that provides a range of case studies of former prison residents who have set up their own business.

This can be a motivational boost for the participant.

HMP Thorn Cross

Marketing material / posters can be provided to promote the programme to potential participants.