Smart Subcontracting Programme

Participants are provided with a resource pack that enables them to consider the steps needed to work as a self-employed subcontractor in the construction industry. It will provide them with insights and renewed confidence that becoming a legal subcontractor is the smart way forward.

The information booklet covers the following essential topics:

· Introduction to the construction sector
· Understand where to find sub-contracting work
· Being prepared for construction
· CSCS Card and HSE Tests
· Budgeting and potential earnings
· How to register as a self-employed subcontractor
· Taxation and National Insurance requirements
· Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs reporting requirements
· Insurance and banking requirements

The resource pack also provides an opportunity to access a valuable

Smart Subcontracting

Tax Review by the Tax Academy CIC

This includes a written formal tax review for the previous five years to ensure there are no tax debt barriers to going self-employed on release and participants have their tax affairs brought up to date.

This would include filing outstanding self-assessment tax returns and appealing any tax penalties for late filing.

If required, the participant is supported to gain their UTR number and CIS registration, along with the opportunity to have their first self-assessment completed.

They can also request a year’s complimentary access to a leading accounting software package that they can use to track their income and expenditure – worth up to £250!

Feedback from the participant is also provided to track their progress and career aspirations that can help inform any future support.